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Fit, Comfort, Performance

We are a professional cycling company committed to helping cyclists of all abilities achieve their personal goals. We work on a “by appointment” basis to provide you with top-quality, no-compromise cycling solutions. We specialize in road and triathlon bikes so our focus stays sharp in these areas of cycling.

More important to the athlete/rider, is RDG’s full commitment to whoever walks in the shop. RDG Cycles trully values every opportunity that is given, as such, nothing is taken for granted. Whether you’re purchasing your first bike or creating your custom dream, the ultimate test will be how the bike rides & fit.


Why buy your bike from RDG?


Every athlete that commits to purchasing their bike from RDG gets measured to ensure that the frame selected will be bio-mechanically correct.

  • Most of the customers who schedule fittings were sold the wrong size frame.
  • You save money and valuable riding time due to the mere fact that the bike will fit your physical dimensions.
  • You won’t have to hassle with getting rid of a recently purchased bike in order to get one that actually fits.

Regardless of how much you spend, RDG Cycles will properly fit the bicycle to your specific requirements.

  • Buying the correct size frame is just the start. We then proceed to make sure that your feet, hands, and butt are in perfect alignment.
  • If necessary, we will make component changes (stem, handlebar, saddle, etc.) to further customize your body to your new bike. Most cyclists end up collecting different types of stems, handlebars & saddles trying to find that sweet spot, you won’t have to.

RDG Cycles provides great Value and Service to cyclists of Inland Empire, Orange and Los Angeles Counties of Southern California.

  • All bikes purchase come with a service plan to ensure that bike is always shifting and braking properly.
  • Depending on the current promotions, parts and accessories will be discounted 1 year from the date of purchase. Please call for further details.


Commitment to Cyclists

From an objective standpoint, there is no fit shop in the Inland Empire more suited or better equipped to properly fit you to your bike than RDG Cycles. The whole shop is a fitting area. Complete with Computrainers, Motion Analysis Software, Cameras, and fitting tools too numerous to list.

The shop does not look like your typical bike shop because we’re not out just to sell bikes. We’re here to help you find the best bike possible given your physical characteristics and your budget.

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Services and Products


RDG Cycles believes a professional fitting is the most important “component” of a bicycle. RDG offers four different levels of fittings for all styles of cyclists.


Top of the line bikes and custom lines from; Felt, Bianchi, Everti, Fuji, Kestrel, Torelli and many others. All bikes come with an RDG Service Plan.


Since RDG’s focus is on a proper fitting, you’ll find that many of our accessories and components are designed to enhanced riding comfort and efficiency.